Dilute Calico

HISTORY: Senior Olive was surrendered to a SC county animal shelter when a new baby arrived in her home and she was no longer a good match for the family. 

When you enter our senior cat room,  be prepared to stop dead in your tracks to gaze upon the beauty that we call OLIVE!  Such a sweet, sweet, dear girl,  she had the same family for over 15yrs and then a child entered the picture and she lost the only safe spot she had ever known.  She was surrendered to a SC county shelter where she rapidly declined.  Luckily, we learned of her plight and worked as quickly as possible to find a spot for her here before she just gave into sadness and depression.

The shelter reported that she was untouchable, hissy and had little or no appetite.  Clearly,  that environment was super stressful for her but surprisingly (or not!!),  when we got her in her new kitty condo,  she was calm and relaxed and she quickly started to eat.  You could almost see her exhale in one big mighty wave of relief as she inspected and took in her new surroundings.  You got this girl!

Olive is still adjusting to her new room so she’s not been out roaming around (yet) however,  she enjoys soft body rubs and will arch up in delight if the perfect spots along her body and her chin area are appropriately scratched.   A petite, old lady at just 8lbs,  she sports a full, luscious jacket – a patchwork of muted tans, greys and other earth tones.  Her soft green eyes perfectly round out her exquisite look.  In her prior home,  she had 2 humans caring over her since she was a tiny kitten.  She had a huge 2 level home to call her own and enjoyed the human laps and also following them around acting as their shadow. She was very tuned into her humans,  very doted over, loving and very social.  

So what works for Olive in her golden years as she searches for her final home?  We believe less will be more for Olive.  A more quiet, calm home where she can quickly settle into a routine with her human(s) would nicely suit her style.   In her prior life, she shared her home with a min pin dog.  Moving forward,  she might be happy as a single pet,  however if there are older, more mature, polite pets in the home she might be open to sharing her new space/life with them.  At 15 yrs of age,  Olive is in great health,  her spirit has been restored and she and we believe she still has one more family to serve as a cherished pet.  Might it be with you?