OLIVER- Lifetime Resident




DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY:  Oliver was rescued by CFC volunteers, Ed and Candy

What a handsome guy I am with my ebony fur and snazzy white bib, chin, paws and whiskers. At present I am as shy as I am good looking and my admirers must do so from a distance; I try to keep a comfortable space between me and them. Not to worry though, as it has been shown time and time again at the sanctuary that time and affection can work wonders with bashful guys like me. In fact my roommate Paige used to hide in the vines that grew inside the wire of our outside patio and now flirts with visitors to encourage them to lavish affection on her.”

Spring 2024 Update: Handsome OLIVER wins the award for making the biggest and loudest announcement as he enters and leaves his room from outside catio to inside area. Our 14yr old friend is still fairly mobile and one might think he is now 90% all lungs! On a typical day, you can find our tuxedo friend on the catio area stretched out and enjoying the sights in the busy driveway area. Come and sit for a spell with him and he’ll be open to some soft, steady under the chin scratches and having you simply quietly sitting and enjoying his presence. Should you decide you wish to stop by and check out our older gentleman, Oliver might tell you to not bother to call out and ask him to come to you. Rather, you’ll need to seek him and slip into his space. Oliver is slowing down in his elder years but still has full, happy days and we’re pleased to be the ones providing him with the creature comforts of a home. 

Winter 2024 Update: Pushing almost 14 yrs of age, our handsome friend Oliver keeps plugging along and making every day count. When we last checked in with him, he had packed his bags and had moved to the official CFC cat “retirement home”- AKA room where super senior kitties live. He’s done a great job in settling in and even as more kitties have checked into his room, he’s been gracious, welcoming and accommodating to them. His best friend Jackson (a similar black and white version of him) is still alive and kicking but has slowed down considerably. Nonetheless, it’s heartwarming to see the 2 of them sharing a common corner of the room together. Oliver had been struggling with loose stool but with a special new dry food added to his diet, he seems to be doing better in this area and is looking very good. He still will search and scramble around for the dry food that everyone else has on their plate and with perseverance perhaps he does not always come up empty handed! Outside of his questionable poop, Oliver is in good health and in good spirits. 

Fall 2023 Update: “I’ve added on some much needed pounds and I’m happily settled into the senior cat room,” beams our good friend Oliver. What he didn’t mention is that it’s clear he’s really happy that good cat friend Jackson made the move with him from their original room at The Scratching Post. It just warms our hearts to see these two older guys relaxing and chilling and enjoying each other’s company. In addition to finding companionship with Jackson, he’s shown a keen interest in newcomer, Ms Lucky who is still in her condo acclimating to the room. Might this be a new love interest for our handsome fella?? Oliver’s thyroid is still managed via meds and we feel we have him at a good dosage level. Besides his thyroid, he’s in great health and we see no reason that he and Jackson won’t enjoy the full fall color show and then perhaps even formally welcome Ms Lucky to the room when she’s off crate restriction. Time will tell!