DSH- Tuxedo kitty. Sleek black coat, white chest, white whiskers, small white smudge on chin.

HISTORY: Oreo was originally found as a stray in Asheboro NC, before being surrendered to CFC. He was taken to the vet by the family who found him, where he tested positive for feline leukemia. They unfortunately could not care for him due to his positive results, as they already had cats in the home they didn’t want to risk getting infected.

MEDICAL NOTE: Oreo is FeLV+ positive.

Meet Oreo, our newest FeLV+ resident to the Scratching Post. When Oreo first arrived he was very afraid and wary of people and his new surroundings. In the small amount of time he has been at CFC, we have found that he is, indeed, friendly with people. Oreo loves head scratches, especially around his ears.

Oreo is in the process of adjusting to his environment and his roommates. He has not ventured from his condo so far, therefore we are unsure of how he is with other cats. Though pictures from his surrender family suggest that he gets along fine with other cats. Oreo hasn’t shown any interest in cat toys thus far. As he settles in we hope to see more of his friendly personality emerge.