DSH- Calico

HISTORY: Patsy Cline was trapped as a stray behind the Zion’s Crossroads Lowes with her five kittens.

We found Patsy Cline as a struggling single mother of five kittens. Since entering the shelter, all five of her kittens have been adopted, which leaves Patsy free to pursue her own happiness! Patsy is still a bit shy around people and likely won’t let you pet her at first. She has, however, shown us glimpses of a sweet, friendly cat just waiting to emerge! Patsy has a beautiful, melodic meow that she only shares with those she trusts. Give her time and she just might share her meow with you!

Update December 2023:  You’ll not find a more beautiful, poised kitty than our good friend Patsy Cline.   She’s a head turner so it will be easy to spot her when you come by for a visit.  Patsy is still a very shy, reserved lady and most typically will slink/dart away should you stroll over to meet her.   It is however possible to give her some pets should you find her on the top of a condo with some of her girl friends like Casey and Cera.  While petting these girls (very, very slowly or they too will scoot away),  let you hand sneakily sidle over to experience Patsy’s soft, velvet fur.  Don’t tell her we told you to do this as it’s a most covert operation and only the most calm, patient and skilled folks will achieve success.   Patsy is a welcoming presence for all the cats in her room and she beautifully shares her space with them.  Patsy still has her sights on a home of her own and a more quiet home perhaps with other mature cats would best suit her style.   Itchy to have a “celebrity” in your home?  This could be your chance!