DSH -Buff with Beautiful Amber Eyes

HISTORY: Poco came to us through Community Cats Rescue. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in Fredericksburg, VA, and tested FIV+.

MEDICAL NOTES: FIV+. More about FIV+ here.

People seem to be mesmerized by my eyes, which are the richest and most luminous amber shade they say they have ever seen. Insert blush of modesty here. Did I mention my great Yosemite Sam whiskers and lamb soft buff fur? It’s not uncommon for FIV kitties to have dental issues and I had mine, but ever since the vet took care of them I have gained weight and am called movie star handsome once again. I’m a flighty little guy at times and can be quite bashful with unfamiliar people, but as I cajole you for my much loved treats my shyness is replaced by flirtation and soft head bumps. By nature kindly and peaceful, I get along well with other cats. I may try not to show it but run your hand down my back and you’ll see that I really do enjoy human interaction and getting affection. In a room chock full of friendlies I may fly under the radar, but if you pay attention you’ll surely see me hanging out on the periphery, just waiting for a chance to share in the loving being doled out. I may be a bit of an introvert but beneath this unassuming exterior lies a whole lot of potential. Do come and say hello!

Spring 2024 Update: One of our most regular room visitors, Volunteer Scott has recently commented that I try to hide and avoid him. Well, he’s right. I’m just not feeling open to making new human friends so while he’s been persistent in trying to build a relationship with me, I’ve not welcomed his agenda. I will give him some extra credit points as he recently found me relaxing on the top of a condo with newer arrival Atari. Atari is a stunning boy with this huge mane of curly fur surrounding his face. He arrived super shy and hissy and growly but now the humans can pet him. Well, sneaky Scott is now petting Atari and he’s slipping in some sly pets to me as well. I’m tolerating his advances and I can see Atari likes Scott so maybe, just maybe I can try to find room in my heart to add Scott as a friend?? Time will tell. In any event, I’m in no rush. Scott too is in no rush. With no emerging health issues, I predict Scott and I will gingerly continue to explore where these sneaky touches might lead us. Thanks for tuning into me, Poco. 

Winter 2024 Update: Recently voted the most chill and sedate of kitties, Poco is the master snoozer and napper! It’s a rare day that you might find Poco outside a poofy bed on the window ledge. This handsome, buff colored fella stretches out to great lengths in his bed…perhaps even with feet draped over the edge… and spends his days watching the shenanigans in the room. Poco is by nature a much more solitary being so he’s mostly alone but seems content to have his space and his peace and quiet. Cat Volunteer Scott reports that he can sneak in a random pet or two…the temptation of touching his plush coat is pretty high… but any more and Poco is on his way to a more quiet spot, free of the humans! We always enjoy Poco’s presence in R3 as do the other cats in the room. 

Fall 2022 Update: “I love it when cat volunteer Terri comes by to say ‘Hi’,” explains our buff jacketed friend Poco.   Poco in general is a pretty shy/reserved fellow but gosh, when Poco spots Terri, it’s a real game changer.  Poco adores Terri and to watch Poco get a deep comb job by our skilled cat volunteer, well it is an amazing sight to see.   On a more typical day,  Poco spends his time relaxing, relaxing and getting in more relax time!  With no emerging health issues, Poco looks forward to enjoying the cooler fall temps and the colorful fall display of leaves.