HISTORY: Possum along with her daughters, Boo Boo and Baby were brought to CFC when their owner passed away.

Take a gander at Possum, who is an incredibly sweet and affectionate senior kitty. She enjoys being the recipient of ear scratches and back rubs! Possum is more content when her paws are on the floor. She is very uncertain when being picked up and held. Possum spends her day relaxing or napping on her pillow and watching the other cats in the Senior Room move about. This senior kitty enjoys a bit of play time with a wand toy, though for the majority of the time, she is content to watch it dance around! We believe she would do well in a home with other compatible cats, as she has lived in a home with other kitties.

More about me March 2024: Where in the world in POSSOM?  Possom is such a beautiful, striking kitty and what a lovely personality to match!   Possom is a velvet to touch lady who is calm and polite and loves giving and receiving attention and affection.  Initially she was a little shy/hesitant about exiting the safe confines of her kitty condo,  but now it’s anyone’s guess on Where in the World is Possom?  Is she on the cat tree as you enter her room to maximize her human interaction as folks come and go?  Is she on top of a condo in that cute wicker basket, mini house with her head stretched and angling out to see who’s in the room now?  Perhaps, she’s on the floor on all fours slowly sashaying your way hoping you’ll give her some soft pets and loving!  Possom is friendly, sweet and doting and very gentle natured.  She is the quiet presence right by your side.  Here with her daughter Boo Boo, ideally she would love to be rehomed with her but is open to other dynamics as well.   Do yourself a  favor and take a step in Possom’s room and discover for yourself where Possom is.  You’ll be glad you did!