Brown tabby with golden eyes

HISTORY: Sophie was part of a feral cat colony in No VA. After birthing a litter of kittens that were all rehomed, we found a safe spot for her here.

I am an exotically striped brown tabby- Beautifulus tabbius to those of you in the scientific community. When first I arrived here I sat in my condo glowering at anyone who dared approach, but folks just wouldn’t take no for an answer and they didn’t give up on me. Gradually the hard looks gave way to curiosity as I was spoken to kindly and offered treats, which I dearly love. Now that I am out and about full time I remain shy and apprehensive but the true cat person can see in my eyes a gentleness and desire to be loved. I much enjoy toys and treats and as you can see in my photos I have learned to relax and enjoy the comforts of living in polite society. In my relationships with people I’m a work in progress but hey life’s a marathon, not a sprint. I know that I’m loved and valued here and that’s an awfully good place to begin my journey.

Winter 2024 Update: Has she given up on love? When we last spoke, our dark tabby lady Sophie had eyes for the much younger, handsome, orange and white fella Kit. These days, she’s no longer in hot pursuit of Kit nor anyone else. She is simply hanging out and perhaps by herself. Oh, poor girl! We still love her and are happy to give her the love and attention she needs so it’s not all gloom and doom. When Volunteer Scott comes into her room and takes a seat, so long as others have quickly sidled up for some TLC, she quietly comes on over to get some drive by pets from Scott’s extended arm. With the chilly temps, Sophie is more often inside vs outside so she’s in a prime spot to get the human TLC that we know she deserves. Sophie’s health is great and with no emerging health issues, Volunteer Scott anticipates he’ll have plenty more drive by petting sessions with his good friend Sophie. 

Fall 2023 Update: Our pretty tabby lady Sophie is looking for love! This shy beauty is often seen sashaying and trying to catch the eye of roomie Cassanova but with a steady stream of rejections…really, he ignores her…she is now moving in on handsome Kit, an orange and white fella. Of note, Sophie is about 10yrs old and Kit a mere 3 yrs. Oh, that cougar of a kitty, Sophie! Outside of her love interest, Sophie is doing well. More recently she has taken a liking to the laser dot pointer which gets her up and moving! Mostly, she seems to prefer the outside catio which will be ideal for her to take in the fall color show. We’re pleased Sophie is showing more layers of her personality. The big question however is, “Is she looking for love in all the wrong places?” LOL