GREY TABBY; Large, golden luminous eyes.

HISTORY: Sprite was a local cat and part of a feral colony. He managed to make his way inside a local country store where he was trapped and brought to CFC. He is not feral.

If my name makes you think of a flighty fairy like or elfin being, then I’m here to offer a correction. I’m very much an all boy cat, a likeable, feet solidly on the ground guy. I was a member of a local community cat colony until I made my way into a country store and was brought to CFC, but I’m about as far from feral as you can get. I was frightened initially, but now I’m one happy little fellow and a lover of the attention lavished on me by people. Gather me up into your lap and your reward will be soft purrs, my happy dance, and sometimes quick little kisses to your hands. Being in a lap was strange at first, but it’s become to feel more and more like home. I’m big on locking eyes with folks and while reveling in being stroked and petted I’ve been known to even drool a little bit in the sheer joy of the moment. I say, what’s a little drool among friends? It’s said that I’m beautiful outside too, with my big luminous eyes and the bull’s eye markings in my down soft silver tabby fur. You have only to see my face, brimming with goodwill and kindness, looking up at you to understand why folks here consider me such a treasure. I get along famously with all my CFC roommates and just generally have a pacifist philosophy. My volunteer friend says, “Gentleness, thy name is Sprite.” He may have been watching too many old movies, but in all modesty I think you will agree once you visit and we become friends.