DSH, Orange Tabby

HISTORY: Tango and her sisters were strays in a feral colony rescued by CFC volunteers.

Little Tango is quite the amazing reserved girl. Once a fluffy ball of insecurities, with much love and care lavished on her here she has become quite the wee character. She’s soft of fur and of soul. You will find her hanging out on top of the condos nestled with Deana. Orange tabby girls are fairly rare anyway and this tangerine sweetheart is a gem among gems. Come sit with Tango and let her get to know you as she can be a shy girl. She relishes treats and furry toy mice to bat around but chin- ny scrunches and caresses down her back are at the very top of her wish list. Here’s a not so hush-hush secret; a home of her very own is #1 on that list. Why not come and spend some time with our dear girl? Spending some time with her will surely warm her up to you. Warning though- once she looks up lovingly into your eyes you’re likely to be hers.