Calico- Cream coat with dark brown/black and touches of muted orange accents. Light green eyes.

HISTORY:  Tatum was trapped in a local colony of cats.

Since her arrival, Tatum has made many friends both human and feline! She typically hangs out with fellow L2 residents Kit and Bandit and enjoys visits from staff and volunteers. Tatum is still a bit more of a low-energy cat and prefers to spend most of her time napping. If you want to pet her while she relaxes, even better! She will purr the whole time. Tatum doesn’t really like to be picked up but other than that she enjoys human interaction and contact. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys so far, but given her age, we anticipate this to change as she gets even more comfortable in her environment. Tatum is a sweet, laid-back cat who will likely take some time to come out of her shell once introduced to her forever home. We promise you that she’s worth the wait!

Spring 2024 Update: I’m happy, content and at peace.  My days are all pretty similar and a tad uneventful,  but it’s enough for me.  I’m a master snoozer and an extraordinary lounge lizard-ess.  Relaxing outside on the catio in a cat tree,  in the funky little wooden house or on a ledge culled up in a cat bed simply suits my style.  I’m super quiet, gracious and never in anyone’s face.  At times,  I hear the staff jesting that perhaps I don’t really have legs as I am rarely if ever seen up and about and walking around.   The nice folks here will always take the time to give me some reassuring strokes and pets of affection- none of which I ask for nor am I bothered by- so I know I am on their radar and they are keeping a close eye on me to make sure I’m fine.   With no emerging health issues,  I am on target to enjoy the warm temps and pretty views from my outside catio perch.   TATUM.

Winter 2024 Update: We recently checked in with Volunteer Scott to see if by chance he had within the last few months seen Tatum’s legs. The reply was a fast “Nope,” meaning that whenever he sees her, she’s curled up and in a snuggly, inviting area. She has more recently been spotted with rough and tough boy Bandit (Bandit is no fan of us humans!) making us wonder what it is about the nice girls hedging towards the bad boys! LOL. Tatum is healthy, happy and content. Wanting for nothing except perhaps that chance to finally fill a full time pet position, Tatum is a delightful, no fuss, no muss kind of girl and we’re honored to have her under our care. With no emerging health issues, she’ll have plenty of time to pursue a longer term relationship with Bandit, should that be her desire. 

Fall 2023 Update: Tatum is our eternally sweet and under the radar girl! She is not one to create waves and is ok in not really being noticed and simply living a more quiet, calm life. A creature of habit, we can count on finding her outside on the catio. Typically, we will find her in one of the cat trees all curled up in a circle to perfectly fill up the round perch that she enjoys most. Tatum has a special volunteer friend Scott who knows just how to pet her to maximize her happiness! When she is really getting into the perfect scratches, she will give Scott a big lean in and close her eyes in pleasure. With no emerging health issues, Tatum is set up to enjoy the fall color show which will soon begin in earnest. We can’t wait for her to enjoy the cool temps and the pretty sights forthcoming.