DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Tig arrived with his littermates, Chibs and Gemma, from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

Say hello to Tig! This little fellow with his sleek coat of fur, is extremely friendly with everyone that he meets! He enjoys being held and will snuggle into your arms as you lavish him with attention. He will reward you with his larger than life purring!! Tig is incredibly inquisitive and playful. He is interested in all the activity going on around him outside of his condo. He loves playing with the various toys he has in his area. He especially enjoys chasing the balls on a cat track toy! Tig spends his day romping and playing with his littermates Gemma and Chibs and once he tires himself out, he finds his way under a blanket for a nap! We believe Tig will do well in a home with another like-minded kitty he can play with!