Orange Tabby

HISTORY: Tiger was adopted from CFC in 2011 and he was extremely adored by his owner for many years. Unfortunately, he returned to the sanctuary when his owner entered hospice care.

Take a look at this handsome fella with his adorable little meow that does not at all match his stature! Tiger is extremely friendly and incredibly fond of being on the receiving end of pets and attention from people. Tiger will gift you with head butts on your hand and maybe even a little lick to go along with it!!

Tiger prefers to keep his paws on the floor. He seems very unsure when being picked up and held. This may change as he gains trust with someone. He hasn’t shown any interest in playing with cat toys, at least while humans are around to observe. At this time we are unsure of how he is with other cats as he is still in the process of acclimating to his new surroundings and his new feline companions.

More about me March 2024: If TIGER had a middle name it might be HANDSOME LOVER BOY!  Tiger is truly Mr Nice Guy!  When you enter his room,  Tiger will slowly sashay over to welcome you to his space with the end goal of getting some attention from you.   Tiger is a larger framed guy who is gentle, calm and very polite.   Never pushy or in your face,  he takes things in great stride and can be counted on to quietly hang near you.  He is that orange striped accessory pillow that perfectly fits right by YOUR side.  Tiger has done well in ingratiating himself to the other kitties in his room and is neither bothered by them nor necessarily seeking them out for attention and or companionship.   A social and interactive kitty, Tiger enjoys being the center of attention and has never met a stranger.  We enjoy stopping by his room to hear the happy chirps/words of encouragement that come out of Tiger’s mouth.  Positive and upbeat,  he knows his new family is just a click or meow away.  Might it be you??