DSH- Black w/ white paws, tummy, chest and tail tip

HISTORY: Tully is a stray from a local cat colony who arrived with Gomez, Pugsley, Muffin, Noodle, Chickpea and Pancake.

Tully was brought in along with Gomez, Pugsley, Muffin, Noodle, Chickpea and Pancake so we could get them into a warm area before the colder weather hit. Tully is still a bit shy, though he will allow you to pet him. We are eager to see his personality as Tully becomes more comfortable in his surroundings and as his trust with people develops.

Winter Update 2024: What a pleasant, all around good guy kitty!  Tully is such a happy little fella and to watch him run and play with the “sapling” litter… Teen kitties Elm, Oak and Ash, well it’s heartwarming and a source of joy for all.  Tully has found a good human friend in Scott who regularly calls on Tully.   The two of them will play laser dot together and then Tully will join Scott on the wooden steps in the room for some drive by petting sessions.  Tully is content and in great health and we look forward to his enjoying his first full winter with us where he has warm, snuggly options.   With no emerging health issues, surely Scott and Tully will have plenty more laser dot games and petting sessions.

Fall Update 2023: “Oh, he’s one of my favorites,” chimes in a volunteer when asked about our newer kitty Tully. “Once he gets to know you, he loves being petted and played with. He’s a bit shy with older cats (probably because of Birdie- adult cat in his room) but enjoys playing with the Sapling kittens, Oak, Ash and Elm. He’s comfortable being on top of the condos as well as the floor. One of my favorites in R1.” Tully is a super lucky guy because his volunteer friend will come and sit and socialize all the kitties in his room a couple of times each week. Arriving from a cat colony which we are now managing, surely he’s come a long way from his initial hissy, almost untouchable state. Of note, Tully has become a fan of the laser dot, a luxury he surely had no access to when he was outside and living a hard life. We are immeasurably pleased to have him under our care and soon, he’ll feel the extra luxury of having a warm, cozy spot to call home with the cooler temps on their way. Life is good for Tully and we’re so happy for him. More recently, he somehow scratched his paw, but it’s on the mend and with no other emerging health issues, he’s good to go to enjoy the fall season.