DMH- Tuxedo

HISTORY:  Turtle was pulled from a large, unmanaged colony of cats at the age of 14 weeks. 


How do you spell cute?  We spell it T-U-R-T-L-E!   Our adorable, sweet little girl is too cute for words.  With her semi plush coat, long white whiskers and tiny white boots,  she is a sight for sore eyes.  One of many kitties we have rescued from a local colony of cats, she arrived with plenty of hiss and flat ears to deter us from loving on her, but it just didn’t work.  Refer back to how cute she is!  Today, Turtle is a very happy, playful, self entertaining girl who does amazing acrobatic feats of twists, turns and tumbles in her large condo.  She enjoys being pet and loved on and you can even pick her up for a short spell but then she’ll let you know it’s time to be put down.  She is just now being let out to experience the huge kitchen area where she is each day and so far so good!   She has a myriad of cats…young and old..to help move her along to her perfect pet status so we’re excited to see all the progress she’ll make in her newly expanded world.  Does helping a wee one achieve their full pet potential while looking like a top kitty model sound like your new best friend?  If so,  let’s connect and see if it’s a great match. 

December 2023 Update:  Turtle has been released from condo lock down and now has free roaming access to the busy kitchen area during the day.    If she had a middle name it might be Dora as in Dora the Explorer as she is everywhere now…checking out all the nooks and crannies and seeing whatever there is to see!  It’s a real mish mash of kitties in the room and some of the younger ones who can be a little bully-ish are giving her welcome greetings of a hiss but she’s moving right along and not letting it get under her fur!  We’ve already learned that she’s a big fan of the laser dot game so that’s a fun activity for the humans and Turtle to engage in together!  We look forward to seeing our brave girl settle in and grow into her best pet self.  Come check her out, won’t you?