DSH; black with white spot on chest

HISTORY: Tux was found as a stray in Columbia, South Carolina.

What a paradoxical little lady! Tux loves to wait by the door and watch people who enter the room. She can usually be found a few feet away from the nearest person.  As soon as you move towards her, though, she’s gone! Tux’s safe place is on top of the condos and she will bolt there as soon as she feels the slightest bit threatened. Once she settles down, it’s back to investigating people! Tux is clearly very social and curious, but isn’t quite there yet when it comes to trusting people. She also loves to eat and is great with other cats. We are confident that Tux will eventually overcome her apprehension and let her curiosity towards people transform into affection. If you’d like to help her with this transformation, come spend some time with her today.