DSH- Black

HISTORY: Wednesday is a surrender from a local colony brought in by Cat Action Team.

Wednesday was rescued from a local colony, so she could receive veterinary care for an injury to her hip that she sustained after falling off of a roof. Initial diagnostic x-rays revealed a dislocated hip. Wednesday could not be released back to the colony so she was brought to CFC. Sadly, along with many other cats that we have taken in from this colony, she is the victim of lack of care that is typical of a cat colony. We will seek further veterinary consult regarding her hip issue.   Update Oct 14, 2023:  Now that Wednesday is truly out and about, she gets around like the champion she is.  She has no problem jumping up to one of our higher shelf areas for example and she maneuvers around with no noticeable issues. 

Update October 14 2023:  What a joy to have our pretty, petite lady Wednesday at our fingertips!!  It’s taken a little bit of time for Wednesday to find her groove here and proudly, we can say she’s now at peace and relaxed and happy to make your acquaintance.   We had her initially in one of our rooms at The Scratching Post and she simply was not thriving there and spent most of her days in a dark, back corner on the floor.  It was heartbreaking to see.  Fast forward and her transfer to a new cat room and the “new” Wednesday has emerged!  She enjoys hanging outside on her catio in particular and will happily show you plenty of figure eight sashays and dances on one of the shelf areas.  Go ahead and reach out to stroke her ever tempting, velvet coat of fur and she’ll lean into your hand with great pleasure.   Wednesday still has her shy moments (as many cats do) but it’s clear she’s well on her way to impressing YOU when you stop by to see our delightful kitty.   Wednesday seems 100% ok in sharing her space with other cats so if you have a pleasant natured cat on hand in need of a new friend, Wednesday might be the girl for you.  Wednesday has had a pretty rough life thus far but she’s a fighter and a winner and we adore her.  We encourage you to please come by and experience this amazing kitty.