Tabby- Black and Brown stripes

HISTORY: Zack was found in a busy parking lot where he happened upon a feeding station that volunteers had been feeding other cats without a food source. Zack was found along with Jozy where they were trapped and brought to CFC.


Zack has been ready to go and do since his arrival. He is a man on the go and ready to live life to the fullest. He frequently chirps to say hello and lets you appreciates all of the one on one time he can get. He loves being petted and toys are his absolute favorite. He gets along very well with his roomies in the FIV+ room. He is a special boy and would make anyone a curious and loving companion.

Update December 2023:  We love ZACK.  This handsome, husky framed kitty is friendly, amicable and seamlessly fit into his room right away.   While Zack seems to appreciate sharing his space with other kitties,  typically he’s off on his own…he could be outside sunning,  relaxing on top of a condo or just chilling in a fleece covered chair.  He’s not one to curl up and snuggle with other cats but he truly seems to be a friend to all.   When you enter his room,  his unique, chirping-meow noise will alert you to his location and it’s his way of summoning you over to please give him some TLC.  He’s not going to come and run to meet you.  Nope.  It’s your job to meet him at his current spot! LOL.   Zack is calm, easy going and loves giving and receiving attention and affection.  He loves being pet.    Just an overall pleasant, sweet natured fella,  his new family is out there.  Might it be you?