• LAB MIX; black with small white spot on chest; 40lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; EST DOB: March 2020
  • ARRIVAL: December 2, 2020
  • HISTORY: Darby was an owner surrender from a family that could no longer care for her.

Darby is a beautiful blackish brown lab mix who is still forming her opinion on the world. She is starved for affection, so she gets super excited when she sees you!  She runs a little on the small size for a lab, so she is easier to handle, and she is very polite on her walks. Obedience lessons and training will go a long way with Darby. 

A Word from Darby

“Can we celebrate my first birthday? I didn’t get to have a party! I am a happy dog, full of energy!  When you approach my pen, I get really excited, to the point of jumping around and barking! I get so excited I don’t eat treats! Don’t let this put you off, though, because l love to go for walks, and I am a totally different dog when I am on the leash. I walk calmly and am easy to direct, even when I smell something that sparks my interest. I also LOVE to run; I am like lightning in the arena, and though I like to fetch and play with toys, I am happy to just run for the sake of running. I would just love to meet a family with older children and would thrive in an active family willing to give me lots of exercise and take me on adventures. I would make a perfect jogging or hiking companion, once I was sure of my owner’s love and affection. If my boundless energy and enthusiasm seems like a bit much at first, don’t fret! I am super smart and a quick learner!”

What Darby Needs in Her Home – Darby needs someone to show her she is as awesome as she is! So plan on spending time with her to fill up the hole she has for attention! While later Darby might grow to love other dogs, right now, she is pretty wound up around them, so it would be best if she did not have any other pets at home. She is very high energy, although for walks, she is reasonably easy to handle. She needs  a TALL fence to keep her  in, because she can jump up to six feet easily! As for children, she would be best for children that can handle an active dog, so 12 and up would be about the right age. Come and see this little firecracker, and check her out for yourself!

Fall 2022 Update: “I had a pleasant, happy summer,” giggles our pretty velvet lady Darby! “Amongst other activities, I was regularly selected to go on off site car rides to enjoy the countryside, my kiddie pool was beautifully maintained so I could lounge and sink down into its cool depths and I also had my own personal fan outside for those super hot, blistering days that just never seemed to end. LOL. In addition, and this was a really nice change of pace for me, I was invited to assist the staff in the main office area. Word on the street is that I may not have gotten a lot of work done per say, but I did teach the staff how to play ball with me. I love the cool temps and pretty leaf show that comes with the fall season and with no emerging health issues, I am assured that I’ll be able to take in all the greatness that nature has to offer me in the coming months.