Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Shepherd Mix- Sleek tan coat, white tipped feet and black around his muzzle. 49lbs

HISTORY:  Alfalfa arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter.  When space became an issue, due to an older intake date, Alfalfa was in danger and we spoke up for him.

Meet Alfalfa! Alfalfa is a sweet 3-4 year old shepherd mix that is full of energy. Don’t let that fool you though as this guy loves his down time! Alfalfa is a mid-sized fellow with super soft fur and a contagious smile.  He captures the attention of everyone he meets. Alfalfa is a quick, avid learner when it comes to learning new things. Quickly grasping the concept of “off” he is on his way to learning how to “sit”. (With some help from delicious treats and repetition of course.) With a little bit of time and patience, he would blossom into the perfect student. Alfalfa will happily lay on his bed while he works on his big, yellow nylabone. He will periodically play with other toys, but his favorite is his chew toys. Alfalfa does good walking on leash, however with a little bit of training he would be the perfect hiking companion. Alfalfa would best flourish in a home with routine and confident, loving humans with prior dog experience.  Are you ready to welcome home this fun-loving, affectionate goofball?

Notes from his friends in South Carolina:

Oh please, I just want to be part of the action! My name is Alfalfa and yes, I wish to be part of YOUR gang! A mid sized fellow with some energy and yes, lots of hugs and kisses to share/spare, my true love/interest is to hang out with people and maybe lightly engage in activating some toys. The more attention I am able to garner, the better!  Graced with a happy, playful outlook on life, I love getting pets, body rubs and letting my humans know how much I enjoy being by them.

Alfalfa is such a fun, happy fellow. He is really at his very, very best when he can be with his person. He ADORES people but other dogs, well not so much. There is not a shy bone in this Shepard’s body and he loves giving and receiving lots of attention and affection. Seemingly, this handsome guy has tickle buttons all over his body as he is a super wiggly guy who does a lot of dancing and prancing around. Alfalfa would make the most awesome companion pet. With him by your side, there is really no need or room for anyone else. With some energy to spare, Alfalfa would fit right into a more active home where he can go and do and interact and run and play.

Update May 2024: Look who was the lucky guy to head off site today!!  It’s none other than our majestically handsome ALFALFA!  It’s ok if you wish to call him Alfie or even “Hey You.”  No matter to Mr Super Friendly himself as he’s just happy to get some recognition, attention and enriching activities. 

It took no coaxing to get Alfalfa into the car and off we went.  It was clear riding in the car was already a known skill set for our friend and he was ready-set-go to get on with our journey. Our first stop was the darling little white church not far from the Sanctuary.  We explored the grounds and Alfalfa found some pretty amazing fresh scents and odors to please even the most discerning nose!  Next stop was #TractorSupplyCoPalymra where the sliding front doors threw him off for a bit but then that was quickly forgotten and the shopping began!   We ran into Staff Member Natalee who has previously welcomed us and she found the perfect and incredibly large slice of pizza toy for Alfalfa to inspect!   Our last stop was a visit with Barista Hannah at #CuppaJoePalmyra where a big, juicy Pup Cup was served on the front patio area.  Just YUM!! 

Now pushing 6 yrs of age,  Alfalfa has spent about 1/2 of his life with us.  He’s such a GREAT GUY and we know his family is out there!  He still has some energy to share/spare and is loaded with plenty of kisses, hugs and tail wags.  Ideally suited to be a sidekick for a human(s) who enjoys going and doing,  Alfalfa is affectionate and will make an incredible companion pet (as an only pet please!).   Just prior to his arrival at CFC, he had been adopted by an elderly (70+ yrs old) man who knew the clock was ticking for him at a local, county kill shelter.  He selected Alfalfa to “save” him and was in tears as he returned him to the shelter 2 months later as Alfalfa was just too much for him.   Surely someone in OUR audience is looking for a doggy just like Alfalfa, right???   Please help us rehome Alfalfa.  If you are not in a position to adopt,  share this post won’t you??  

Extra Note:  As we were driving around with Alfalfa in the back seat,  it was a riot to see some unattended/extra bandanas flying up into the air in the rear view mirror!  Alfalfa had found the “stash” on the back seat floor board and was having this amazing party of flipping them in the air, catching them and then softly nibbling on them while rolling around on his back!  No harm done to the accessories and what a great time he had.  Such a silly, goofy guy!