Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Hound/Lab Mix- Sleek black coat with a white chest blaze and white booties. About 50lbs

HISTORY: Mila and her companion, Amara, were likely abandoned. They were found on a bridge, frightened and dashing in and out of traffic. A CFC staff person was on her way home and stopped to help them.

If ever there was a diamond in the rough, we feel Mila fits that description to a T. A teenager upon arrival (est. 7 months old), Mila was not blessed with an ideal beginning to life. She and her friend, Amara, were underweight when they arrived and both were terrified. A hearty meal and a heated sleeping area were enough to begin softening the fear and uncertainty. Now that all routine medical care has been provided – vaccines, treatment of parasites and spaying – we are beginning to see the sparkle of that diamond in the rough emerge.

Mila has shown us she has a lot of raw talent and she is eager to learn new things. She is a quick study when it comes to responding to simple requests such as sit, off, down. Overall, Mila is a typical high energy teen pup certain she knows all there is to know!

Mila arrived extremely frightened along with her friend, Amara. Clearly there is a very strong bond between these two dogs. While we have no knowledge or proof of their past, we would bet they have experienced some tough times together, and together, they survived. CFC’s attempts at separating them for periods of time has resulted in both breaking out of kennels/pens to be back together.

Our vision for Mila includes a home with an experienced and patient human. Stability and routine are her friends and allow her to relax into just being a pup! She will gain confidence and thrive with a human who will take the time to show her the world and guide her through her fears. Mila’s uncertainty is directly related to her lack of positive experiences and stability in her life. These best of friends will fully blossom in a home of their own and under the care of a benevolent human companion.

We fully realize it may be rare for an adopter to be in the market for two dogs. But we are a group of never-say-never folks at the sanctuary and we believe that the absolute best person/family for Mila and Amara is out there waiting for the right dogs to come their way! Maybe, that’s you?

Update Spring 2024: Springtime is a great time for me as it’s not too cold and not too hot. Since we last spoke,  I’ve continued to enjoy my new pen location which I share with bestie, Amara.  It’s in a lower traffic area and some of the dogs that would truly set me off are no longer in a natural walking path for me which brings me some peace.  I’m pleased to say that I’m getting some joy in spending some fence time with neighbor Darby (black lab).  She and I run back and forth in a playful banter which gives me a nice break from roomie Amara and also enriches Darby’s day.   I, along with Amara, have not been chewing as much on our outside wooden house (recall we were kind of destroying it a few months ago) so that phase has passed (the staff seems pleased!) and in general we are both being better canines!  I’m now down to one meal a day…..and not because I was getting round…it was Amara that was getting round!  The staff is giving me a comparable amount of total daily food but it’s in one feeding vs 2.  Amara would be super sad/stressed for example to see me dining in the afternoon and her bowl is empty.  I’m super healthy, at a good weight and ready to enjoy these longer days.  MILA

Update Fall 2023: Our pretty lady Mila has moved on up!! Moved on up?? Well, actually she and her girlfriend Amara have been moved to a larger pen which seems to better suit them. It’s in a more quiet area and the two of them seem to prefer the doggies that are now their new neighbors. Mila has however been caught digging at her fence line and someone…no names will be given…has been chewing the walls inside their new home so the staff is working on making the inside of their new home less snackable! LOL. Mila continues to do well on her walks and is mostly typically accompanied by her friend Amara. Mila is doing fantastic health wise so she’s good to go to enjoy the fall color show which will soon begin.