Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Treeing Walker Coonhound- About 47lbs.

HISTORY: Baker was first encountered by the Dogs Deserve better in the fall. His living conditions were incredibly worrisome and with the upcoming winter, concerns for his well being and health only grew. Extremely malnourished, DDB contacted CFC and asked if we would be able to care for Baker and help aid him in becoming the healthy, handsome boy we knew he could be. After some time with us at CFC, we started noticing Baker gaining weight but at a slower pace than we preferred. Later, we decided for his health and well being to welcome Baker officially as part of the CFC family.

Meet Baker! Named after the NFL Quarterback Baker Mayfield. Baker is a sweet, tricolor hound mix who only has love to give. Although Baker came to CFC severely malnourished, he instantly clicked with staff and volunteers. This sweet boy desperately just wants someone to love and someone to unconditionally love him back. Baker’s favorite pastime is to run around and play in the arenas just behind his dog pen. His adorable, bouncy behavior is a delight to witness as he chases after toys in the large, fenced grassy area. Although he loves to express himself by running in the arena, Baker enjoys his walks just as much. He had a rocky start to leash walking as prior to coming to CFC, he has never had someone show him the ropes. However, once he was fitted with his own personal harness and going on walks with the volunteers, this adoring hound wants nothing more than to spend his time with you and with his nose to the ground taking in all the sights and smells.

Baker is a quirky hound who likes to investigate everything. He loves puzzle toys and Kongs filled with peanut butter and kibble. We believe with a little guidance and training Baker could become the very best version of himself.

Baker is incredibly friendly and loves to snuggle up to people who desire to show him what love truly means. He enjoys the company of other dogs, however does not do well around cats. Therefore we are asking that he goes to a home without cats.
Are you ready to help this adoringly sweet boy help score his ultimate touchdown home?

Volunteer Thought February 2023: If BAKER had a middle name, surely it would be FUN!! Baker is loaded with love and life. Having led a very limited existence prior to his arrival at the Sanctuary, it’s as if this handsome guy is making up for lost time and is ready to go and go and experience all that he can. To this end, he was selected to go for a car ride with one of our volunteers and oh, the fun they had! Baker hopped right into the car…no questions asked…no checking on the driver’s credentials (LOL)..he was just in and ready for the ride. Baker gave the car a quick “sniff over” hoping to find some discarded snacks perhaps from prior occupants and then his focus was on capturing all the wind and yes, smells by poking his head out the back windows. He could have driven for miles and miles as he enjoyed this very simple activity so much! If “FUN” is YOUR middle name and you’re looking for a great side kick, Baker could be just the doggy for you!!