Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Buetick Hound

Courtesy Posting Only.  Please contact caregiver below.  Posted March 24, 2024.

Bluetick Hound; 62lbs; 10 yrs old

A senior on paper but most youthful and young at heart!   Check out this amazing plus doggy folks. His name is BO and he’s ready to win you over with his buoyant, happy, playful disposition.  When you meet Bo,  you will never believe that he’s 10 yrs old.  Yes, TEN!   Bo is loaded with extra energy, get up and go, and he’s totally ready to have some fun.   A master tap dancer and hip wiggler,  Bo loves nothing more than to head out for a good paced walk to check out all the sights and smells and also to just stretch his legs and get some exercise.   Bo spent the majority of his life living on a tie out, so on some level,  he’s making up for lots of lost time.  Finally, he’s just beginning to live out the dream life he’s always heard a more active hound such as himself might lead.  We’re connecting with him each day to help fulfill whatever might be on his bucket list and no doubt, at the top of his list is to explore and go on grand adventures on our property.

Bo is Mr Happy and he’s never met a stranger.  He has the biggest and most welcoming smile and YOUR spirits can’t help but be lifted when he’s by your side, leaning into you and or guiding you through the woods on a walk or trail hike.    True to the hound breed,  he seems pretty open and accepting of other dogs so having another 4 legged friend in his new home,  might be a good option for him.   Our sense is that Bo has never had a real opportunity to bond with humans so while you will find him super friendly and very pleasant and appealing,  he’s not one to relax and chill by your side in search of attention/affection.  We do believe however, that if given the chance,  he would love nothing more than to finally have a human to call his own.   We LOVE reaching for Mr Goofy Foot and can’t wait to meet the family that will be able to love and care for Bo as their new companion pet.  If you are drawn to Bo on line,  just wait til you experience our spectacular friend first hand.  Come on by and say “Hi,” won’t you? 

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Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge
Posted March 24, 2024