Small : Up to 20 lbs.


HISTORY: I was brought to the sanctuary by the HOWS Project as an owner surrender with my friend and pen mate Honey.

NOTE: Spay appt is in the works!

What Hazel Needs in Her Home: Hazel and her pen mate Honey have been with each other outside for some time now, but feel they both would thrive better in a home with each other or with another confident dog based on how shy they are at this point. Hazel is absolutely precious, but will need time to get to know you. Once that happens, she will come and sit in your lap and enjoy exploring her surroundings and new smells. She is currently learning to leash walk and will be a little nervous about how to be a part of the family until she figures out more about life. Having lived in an outside pen for many years, she will need some practice at being inside and will need some help at house training, too. She’d love to be your precious snuggle bunny!

More about me May 2024: How do you spell cute and adorable?  We spell it H-O-N-E-Y and H-A-Z-E-L!!  Oh boy folks,  these delightful, darling beagles will have you at “hello” as soon as you meet.  Silly, goofy, affectionate, playful and so eager to work for any love and attention,  they are fun central.  When they first arrived, they pretty much kept to themselves …think nose to the ground and coexisting with you and were not even very skilled leash walkers.  Fast forward a few weeks and they have pet skills ready to impress you!! 

Today these tri-colored girls are bouncy and happy and the second you sit down, they are clambering to get into your lap! They are swarmers! Count on plenty of kisses, wiggling hips and hugs everywhere from this lively pair of beagle goodness. They are smaller framed at 18lbs (Honey) and 24lbs (Hazel) and are such busy bees as they check out new spaces and then happily trot right back over to you to plant a wet one on your hand! Honey has a strong puppy feel to her and Hazel still has moments of shyness but those moments are becoming almost a distant memory.  Their leash walking is spot on and the two of them will beautifully walk shoulder to shoulder as YOU head out for an exploratory journey.  We can’t wait to see who gets to bring this great pair home as they will have hit the beagle lottery!!