Medium : 20 - 45 lbs.

Carolina Dog - 41 Lbs.

HISTORY: Rescued from a high kill shelter when her time was up.

I’m great with other dogs!
See my video below!”

Leah is a mid-sized Carolina dog with a sweet, good-natured personality. Leah’s life took a huge turn when she was pulled from a high kill shelter. Folks here surmise that she grew up with limited or no stability and as a very young girl did not get much guidance or socialization from her person. At one time, she was more than happy to take the ‘back seat’ and let her pen mates get all the attention. Now, after some socialization, she’s right there in the middle of the action and seeks attention once she gets familiar with you. Leah has always been a girl who enjoys playing with other dogs. She likes her toys and loves nothing more than to run like the wind in our arena.

A Word from Leah:

I can tell you that I’m quiet at first, but smart as a whip!  I really want to reach out and leave the sidelines and say “hi.”   Perhaps a bit shy when we first meet, I warm up and love to be taken for a walk. Lots of folks will focus on my looks and say I have THE most expressive face and incredibly awesome ears. I also hear my jacket reminds folks of a squirrel!!  I’m really not the type of girl to kiss on a first date but promise that once you let me give you the once over, I’ll gladly let you take me out for a stroll.  If you have other dogs in your home, that too would be mighty fine as I can learn so much from them and they give me such comfort.”

What Leah Needs in Her Home:

Leah will be happiest in a home with a socially-adjusted doggie friend. Cats and children are a no go for her. Because she does take a while to warm up to folks, it may take a few visits before Leah is ready to go home with you. Once home, give her a room to herself for a while, and a lot of loving, until she is ready to come out and meet the other dog or person. She tends to be dominant with other dogs, but not in a negative way most of the time. She will be anxious inside at first. A fenced back yard would be nice. Be ready to play! We guarantee she will become the apple of your eye!

Winter 2024 Update: “Whatever you do, don’t tell Mary, but I ate my winter coat.  There!  It’s out there and off my chest.  Whew!  Folks are not sure what possessed me to rip it off and basically shred it.  Was it the color?  The style? Not the best fit or look? I’ll not say but folks were surprised as in previous years I’ve stylishly strutted around with one on my youthful figure.  Not this year, folks. I’m coat free but life is still good and easy for me especially since I get my regular play dates with handsome hound hunk Winston.  He is just THE best and we have the most wonderful time running, romping and playing in the large arena area.  For the winter,  I am staying in the kitchen area (near Winston) and things were really grooving along as there were a couple kitty condos in that space.  Like clockwork during the night, I would benefit from freshly dropped on the floor kitten chow from their cages.  It was lip smacking yummy!  LOL.  Those kitties have been relocated and my normal and approved diet is back in place which is a might bit boring but helps maintain my shapely figure.  With no emerging health issues,  I’m on target to enjoy many more playdates with Winston and many other opportunities to scarf kitten food when the next batch of wee ones arrive.”

Fall Update 2023: “I have some new digs and I think I like ’em,” explains our lovely lady Leah. Since we last spoke, we’ve moved Leah around to better suit her needs and yes, quirks. During the day, we have her under Parsley’s Place and for nights, she is in the T/E kitchen area. She seems content with the new arrangement which makes life so much easier for us! In her new outside spot, her next door neighbor is Brownie, a super senior boxer mix. She’s been eyeballing him in a flirtatious manner more recently so perhaps there is love in the air? When we last checked in, Leah had her dental and now months later, we can say she is putting on some much needed weight and we sense she’s feeling much better. We’ve tweaked her diet a bit to include some special shredded beef to give her an extra enticement to chow down and it’s clear our efforts have paid off. Leah has no other emerging health issues and we’ll enjoy seeing her settle into another glorious fall season at The Sanctuary.