Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Hound- Sleek cream jacket, tan oval spots near hips, tan at base of tail, around face and ears. 53lbs

HISTORY: Owen was pulled from a high kill shelter when space became an issue.  At the prior shelter,  he had taken up with a family as a stray but they could not keep him long term

MEDICAL NOTE: Owen has limited range of motion in his left hip likely due to an untreated older injury.  He takes daily meds to manage his pain.   Owen runs and plays like any normal, happy dog and the limited range of motion in his hip does not slow him down…at all!

Owen gets super excited when he sees volunteers heading his way, because he knows they will take him for a walk and maybe take him to the arena. He is a jolly, happy dog who just loves to play with toys!  A note of caution though; he will tear his way through stuffed toys pretty quickly, so tough toys (especially with a squeaker) are the way to go.  He is treat-motivated, which always makes training much easier. He takes his treats very, very softly, and he has mastered the “sit” command. He can be strong out of the gate, raring to go, but once he burns off the excess energy, he’s a model walker. When Owen is running out in the arena, he is a beautiful sight!  He can get very excited meeting other dogs, and he hasn’t quite mastered the art of politely introducing himself to them, but that is something that can be worked on through training. Owen has a have limited range of motion in his left hip likely due to an untreated older injury. He is on medication for pain off and on. Owen runs and plays like any normal, happy dog and the limited range of motion in his hip does not slow him down…at all!

A Word from Owen:

Howdy folks. It’s me Owen. I love to play! I love my toys!!! I also like to chase tennis balls. Folks have commented on how I can seemingly self- entertain for long periods of time if given just a few simple toys. I will carry and throw toys around and then roll on my back in great delight. Still can’t believe the good fortune I have come upon in winding up at CFC! I’ve never met a stranger and I’m told I’m graced with a super sweet disposition typical of many hounds. I’ll admit, I get very excited when I see someone heading toward my pen with a leash. I get so excited it’s hard for me to focus on what I’m told. But I sure am enthusiastic with my affection! If I really like you, I’ll nuzzle my head into you like a hug. I can be a little reactive towards strange dogs and loud noises. I LOVE going for car rides! I hop right in and even flop on my back in delight as I settle in for an adventure. Won’t you take me for a ride…to your house?”

What I Need in My Home:

Toys, toys, and more toys…preferably the tough kind, though I love tearing the others apart! I need a loving owner who has plenty of time to play with me, and one who knows the value of structure and a routine. I don’t like new dogs that I don’t get the chance to meet properly, but after I do meet them we might just be friends. Elementary age children and older would be great for me, but cats look like little toys to me, so best not to have those in the household. A lot of new things at once would overwhelm me, so a simple home would be best. A session or two with a trainer would quickly help me bring my energy under control!”

Update Winter 2024: “One of my favorite volunteers was recently out over the weekend and she knew the exact toy that would bring me the most joy…It’s the Jolly Ball! This massive, very solid, hard plastic ball is a riot to tote around. Although it’s cumbersome, I think that is part of the fun. It always makes weird, gurgling noises the more I play with it which is just da’ bomb for me! LOL. It can also be a tug of war gizmo which also gets me going! As you likely know, I go inside for overnights. I’m pretty chatty inside and have quite the range of vocals to share with all. In the kennel next to me is a very shy dog. For the most part, he is super, super quiet but wouldn’t you know it, he is now softly joining into my chorus line which always makes the humans smile. The humans tell me I am healthy…and I feel healthy…so I’m confident, I can continue to help my otherwise timid neighbor to perhaps feel more relaxed and confident.” 

Update Fall 2023: Our handsome friend Owen has a new overnight friend, in the next kennel over in our T/E building.  His new friend is Lando who is an immensely shy fella who is still trying to figure out the ropes here and settle in.  Owen has done an exceptional job in just “being there” for him and not creating any waves or contentious energy for him.  TY Owen!  In addition to sharing good vibes to his new neighbor,  he’s also displaying very polite manners as he sits and patiently waits for his turn to be leash walked out of the building early morning.  Previously,  he was a pacing mess but now, just look at the great manners!  Owen recently sustained a lesion on his front elbow but it’s healing up nicely and has no other health concerns.  With his fresh bath not long ago, Owen is ready to pull on a coat to enjoy the dipping temps and pretty fall color display of leaves.