Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Bully/Black Mouth Cur

HISTORY: When Pup Pup’s human house caught on fire and was destroyed,  suddenly he too was without a home so we agreed to take him in.

Darn good doggy looking for another shot as an accessory pillow on YOUR sofa!  If you are into “oldies but goodies,” PUP PUP is the dog for you!  This massively handsome lab mix has 13yrs of pet experience under his paws and surely,  several more to go.    Pup Pup found himself homeless when his home burned down.  The humans struggled to find a new spot and unfortunately, push come to shove, there was no long term spot for our good friend with his human family.   Pup Pup has not missed a beat in settling in and making himself at home here at the Sanctuary.   He’s not a fast mover or shaker and tends to slowly poke and plod along on his walks. He seems very much to enjoy the chance at going out to sniff the grass and explore the terrain,  but he’s less likely to go very far and then it’s time for YOU to please sit down and give him some deep scratches especially at the base of his tail.  You can almost hear him let out a wonderful sigh of contentment when you grant him this simple pleasure!

In his former life, Pup Pup shared his home with several kitties and he’s done a nice job here politely and calmly walking past other dogs as we have him out and about. He truly seems like an excellent friend to all. Pup Pup is a softly affectionate fella and never clingy or pushy in his ways. He’ll proudly chime in that he’s good in the car, so let’s go for a ride, he might say! Pup Pup is very easy to handle and manage and at this stage in his life, his needs are pretty simple…some TLC, a soft bed to call his own and a human(s) who desire the quiet, low key comfort of a companion pet who is looking forward to living out his golden years.

Pup Pup is in pretty good shape health wise! He seems to have some minor remnants of a past vestibular incident, but our vet did not see any evidence of any current vestibular disease. He is a bit wobbly and now and then his head tilts a tiny bit to one side, but otherwise he is good to go. Pushing almost 60lbs, he’s a good size doggy graced with a gentle soul and even bigger heart. Will YOU have the honor to be his final and perhaps best custodian? The only way to know for sure, is to come on by and experience him first hand. He’ll hope to hear from you soon.