Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Boxer/Bully Mix- Sleek white jacket, black oval patch over right eye. About 50lbs.

HISTORY: Riley arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter. When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.

EXTRA NOTE: No cats or dogs for me please.

Living the life of Riley?? Well, for Riley her idea of “living the life of Riley, AKA a charmed life” would mean giving and receiving love and attention. As terrific as she is in getting along with humans, one would think her new home is just a tail wag away! A very well balanced girl, Riley nicely sits when asked and if she is feeling a little more froggy, will run and chase after balls. Since coming to CFC, Riley has made it apparent that an environment surrounded by numerous dogs and without ample one-on-one human interaction like we have here, is simply not for her. When she first arrived here, she would play with other dogs and even happily go for walks with them, but as the months have rolled by, Riley has gotten more and more reactive to other dogs. However, with people, Riley is such a loving sweetheart. She can be a little strong on the leash like a girl on a mission but will nicely stop when asked for her attention. She can be redirected by giving the command for a sit. Once in the arena, she is curious and will amble around, but didn’t show too much of an interest in toys. If you sit down, she may come and check in, and climb up on the bench so she could better access your lap. Butt scratches and body rubs she loves, and she in turn will start rubbing her body all over yours, giving a full-body snuggle, which is super adorable. She takes treats oh-so-gently. She is a calm, gentle-natured girl – up for walks and adventure, but also content to just be snuggled-up next to her human.

A Word from Riley

“Hi there! I would love a treat! Here, I will sit for you! I know, I look a wee bit like Petie, the dog from Little Rascals! Will you please take me for a walk? They tell me I am all muscle and can pull a bit…sorry about that!  Guess I just don’t know my own strength!  Better yet, can we go for a ride in your car? I love that! We COULD go one step further, and you could take me home!”

What Riley Needs in Her Home

Initially, Riley needs to be in a home where she is the only pet, with a human who will slowly try to reintroduce her to building relationships with other dogs. She loves older kids 12 and up who can handle her affection. Cats are just a temptation to be chased, and are not recommended. Riley will need a fenced in yard to run in, and a strong human who can walk her while she learns not to pull on the leash. Riley hopes to find a family who will allow her to live the charmed life she so deserves and yearns for. Think you can give this sweet girl a new home and the life of Riley that she so deserves?

Spring 2024 Update: I’m in a fairly high traffic area at the Sanctuary and folks say I am exactly where I need to be as I love seeing and interacting with the humans (in particular) that are heading into The Scratching Post.    I get lots of stop by visitors, warm greetings and kind words shared with me.  I continue to be a favorite with a select group of volunteers who routinely load me up for car rides around the area and then reward me with a fresh and thick rope toy.  These toys are a great source of happiness for me as I toss them in the air, shake/shake them in my mouth and then just gnaw on them.  For my overnight time,  I am still in the laundry room at the post which is honestly one of the primo spots on site.  I have plenty of room to stretch out, enjoy the cool air and absolute quiet in the middle of the night.  I’m super healthy and yes, happy. RILEY

Winter 2024 Update: “We recently had a light dusting of snow and boy, was I ready for it! I had my new and most snazzy winter coat on…think a pink and purple plaid to match my personality…so I was perfectly dressed for success to roll and get all rough tumbly in the white stuff. I was smiling ear to ear as I danced and played in the chilly, white ground blanket. When I’m not rolling around in the white wonderland, you just might catch me playing with rope toys. I received several for Christmas which I promptly destroyed but the nice folks here, slip new ones to me periodically which brings me much joy. I’m still on the active roster to go for a weekly car ride with a volunteer which is always a highlight for me and when Volunteer Nora comes a knockin’ to take me for a walk, my whole face lights up as I know it’s going to be a most splendid walk and time with my good human friend. I’m in good health and good spirit.”

Fall 2023 Update: Our pretty lady Riley has a freshly gutted/renovated pen area and doggy house and she could not be more proud to show it off to the humans.  Riley will greet you at her gate and would love to show you all the upgrades from new fencing, to new posts and new lattice work.   Riley is super pleased with the extra attention and love she got during the project and will say that her most favorite thing to do is to hop in the car and go for a ride through the Fluvanna countryside.  Good news for her is that volunteers Sue and Diane are on target in providing this weekly service to our friendly and very deserving lady.   Riley still has her overnights in what some might think is the swankest spot on site- the laundry room at The Post.   A big bed and central air/heat welcome her so she can round out her day in a mighty fine way.  Riley is a happy girl and with no emerging health issues, is on target to enjoy this fall weather.  You go girl!