LAB MIX; sleek, golden coat; white blaze on chest
ARRIVAL: April 10, 2021
WEIGHT: 66.2 pounds
HISTORY: Dusty was transferred from a high kill shelter in South Carolina when space became an issue. He arrived as a stray and was overlooked for rescue or adoption for months.

Dusty has quickly become one of the favorites among our volunteers! With spunk and enthusiasm, he greets you as a long-lost friend! He loves to go for walks! He also loves to be made over and petted!

Here’s the report form South Carolina:

Cool and Chill! Dusty was our surprise pet of the day as we evaluated a dozen dogs in our front field area. Dusty was super excited in his kennel when we hooked him up with the leash and made a mad dash out our front gates. Once we were off “shelter grounds,” a new dog emerged. Can we say limp leash? Can we say calm and collected? Dusty was the last pet we pulled for evaluation so what a wonderful gift that we would not feel like part of a sled dog team embarking upon a race! Dusty really impressed us with his easy going outlook and very relaxed, go with the flow feel about him. Softly huggy and enjoying to simply be near us, he did a terrific time in meeting a male and female dog. On leash, he nicely walked shoulder to shoulder with his new friends and off leash, well his preference was to go solo, run and scout around and explore. Dusty had a mild interest in toys but seemed pretty content to just mozey around and relax. Never in any real rush, Dusty did a nice job when we called out for him to come on over and give us attention. While Dusty oftentimes might have a more serious expression on his face, he has a happy, friendly feeling about him. In the market for a good friend? Well, do yourself a favor and ask about Dusty.

A Word from Dusty

Hi! I’m new here! Do you want to go for a walk? You are so nice! Can I give you a kiss? I love the woods and fields here, especially with a buddy. I can’t wait until they let me run! I love to walk with you though. I am cool with other dogs, and would love to meet any you have! We could play together in a fenced yard and then snooze by your side!

What Dusty Needs in His Home

Dusty should be easy to place as he loves other dogs and is such a friendly guy! He will need a good amount of exercise, and would do best with a fenced yard or an athletic type of person. He is a little too inquisitive with cats, so we would say no to a cat in the home. He is conveniently microchipped and will be up to date on everything, so he will be all ready for a home! If you are in the market for a best friend, Dusty could be the one!