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  • HOUND- Tri-Color; Est weight 35lbs.
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2019
  • ARRIVAL: September 16, 2021
  • HISTORY:  Gemma was found running as a stray near the top of our driveway.   A week prior,  Emma (likely her sibling) was found in the same location and when they were reunited at CFC, it was clear they were long lost buddies.

Gemma is just about as cute as cute gets and yes, she has a very “sparkly” personality!  Gemma’s smile is infectious, her ears bunny soft and did you notice those adorable polka spots in her belly area??  When you meet Gemma, rest assured you will be asking for a second helping of this sweet, gentle natured, petite lady.   Found as a stray a week after her best friend and likely sibling Emma arrived, Gemma like her sibling, is a spunky, silly lady.  Like most hounds, she is a bit goofy and it’s not usual for her to sneakily swipe a leash that’s been left unattended in her pen only to find it covertly stashed away in her little wooden house!  Gemma loves to explore and is great on a leash.  In walking with Emma, the two of them are shoulder to shoulder eager to see what’s around the next curve in the trail.  Gemma loves laps so if she finds a free one,  consider it to be filled by her as soon as she can slip into it!   While Gemma is generally very upbeat, playful and ready to go and do, she can also have some shy, awkward moments where she might feel overwhelmed.  In her new home,  having a full time, well balanced doggy to help show her the ropes, will be key in helping build her confidence and getting her settled in.  Gemma is a delightful, sunny faced girl who can’t wait to get to work in her new home.  Might it be with you?