OLIVE- Vet Pet Pick!




  • POINTER MIX; Sleek cream jacket with light brown dappling; brown ears and mask around face. 61lbs
  • FEMALE ADULT; Est DOB:  March 2015
  • ARRIVAL: October 4, 2017
  • HISTORY:  Olive was brought in as a stray with her mom and sister while still a puppy.

Smart and Sassy!!  Who doesn’t love and respect a girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it?   Olive is all of this and so much more!!   This solid framed, sleek jacketed lady is pure joy to watch as she runs like the wind in one of our fenced in areas!  Paying little attention to the toys scattered about hoping to be noticed, Olive is much more interested in being near her person and in particular getting much needed and yes, deserved belly rubs. Olive, while an active breed and a big, strong girl, is a loving companion dog and craves / prefers to be inside and comfortable and with her people in a safe, structured and nestled -in environment. She loves her walks and enjoying time outside sniffing around, but loves the creature comforts of snuggling and living inside with her humans. 

A Word from Olive

” Me?  You want to visit with me? Awesome! I think? …Well, as long as we go for a walk! I love the woods!  There are so many smells there! Don’t forget some treats! Whoa…you don’t want me to go that way…okay, I can live with that! What’s that?  Woof, woof! Oh, it’s okay, just a squirrel….

….Okay, I am getting used to you, and you seem really nice. Can you scratch me here? Ooooh, and there?  Aaaah!  What? You want to take me home? Oh my…that sounds wonderful!  Can we do cuddles on the couch? Okay, but let’s take this slowly!”

What Olive Needs in Her Home   

This lovely lady will be at her best in a home with structure and steady routine headed up by confident, loving humans with prior dog experience. She needs lots of human attention and cannot be an afterthought, bustled all around, crated or ignored. The setting would not work and Olive will regress, be unhappy and this may set up a situation for failure. She needs someone who will not let her run the house, and who will foster an environment where she will feel safe.  She is very complicated, extremely smart, but delicate, and needs a consistent, predictable, steady but soft approach to her, particularly in settings she is unsure of or not accustomed. She may enjoy the company of another pointer or hound, but is best with no children or cats. Her journey to her forever home should be done carefully, and she should be given time to adjust before meeting other dogs in the household, or the neighborhood friends that will surely want to see her. She previously had a habit of resource guarding and would not let you touch anything belonging to her, but extensive training has curbed that tendency, and we have not seen that behavior here at the sanctuary for a long time.