• SENIOR MALE – EST. DOB 7/13/10
  • ARRIVED:  3/24/11
  • HISTORY:  Oliver was rescued by CFC volunteers, Ed and Candy

What a handsome guy I am with my ebony fur and snazzy white bib, chin, paws and whiskers. At present I am as shy as I am good looking and my admirers must do so from a distance; I try to keep a comfortable space between me and them. Not to worry though, as it has been shown time and time again at the sanctuary that time and affection can work wonders with bashful guys like me. In fact my roommate Paige used to hide in the vines that grew inside the wire of our outside patio and now flirts with visitors to encourage them to lavish affection on her.

February 2021 Update: While still not the most outgoing fellow, Oliver has certainly come out of his shell a lot since arriving at CFC. He can sometimes be found sitting on the floor in the center of the room, perfectly still and unblinking. This usually happens when its almost dinnertime! We on the staff refer to this as Oliver’s gargoyle mode. Oliver won’t normally approach you for pets but is comfortable receiving them if you go to him. He prefers to spend most of his time on the enclosed patio but enjoys some inside time every now and again, especially when its cold. Oliver’s best friend is his doppelganger, Neko, and they often spend time together. Oliver gets along well with his roommates and we feel that in a new home, a feline friend might really help Oliver grow more confident around people. Though pretty shy, Oliver is friendly when you get to know him and would be happy to make your acquaintance!