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It is our goal to assist you in finding the most appropriate volunteer job for your lifestyle, preferences, and time constraints. You can assist by taking a few moments to provide the following information. Thank You.

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    Please note that volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times unless other arrangements have been made with Caring For Creatures

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    Animal Care - Dogs

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    Adoption-Ready Programs

    Are you interested in working with animals on a one-on-one basis to prepare them for adoption (Caring For Creatures provides general guidelines and training)?

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    Are you interested in being a foster home - if you are interested in becoming a foster parent and working with one of our dogs to help them learn about being in a home environment.

    Grounds & Maintenance

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    Our volunteers help us continue our mission of providing for the well-being of animals who have been abandoned, neglected, injured, or abused. Without you, we would not exist. A volunteer job is just as important as a paid position. Please call as much in advance as possible and let Caring For Creatures know if you will be unable to work on a scheduled day. We appreciate the time you are volunteering to help these wonderful animals. Thank you.